Vision 42

The smart app that makes sensor monitoring easy.

GeoMetiri has been rebranded as Vision 42.

Instant information

Vision 42 aims to visualize sensor data in the blink of an eye. For us, that includes not having to fetch and boot a laptop or even have to wait for an application to load. By using state-of-the-art web technology, interaction with Vision 42 is swift on any device and over mediocre connections. Just reach for your smartphone or another device nearby to check out realtime data.

Whether it comes to peace of mind or quick responses, faster is always better. At Vision 42, every millisecond counts. We are convinced the speed of light is ludicrously slow.

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Unify your sensor data

Vision 42 is independent and thus not tied to any instrument vendor. We strive to import data from all your sensors. This way, Vision 42 can present a complete overview of your projects. You can even spoil and impress your clients by giving them restricted access.

Unlock your sensor data today.

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Say goodbye to tedious work

Vision 42 was designed with seamless automation in mind. Our goal is nothing less than to be plug-and-play. Importing sensor data requires no or hardly any configuration work, because our app makes use of every scrap of information it comes across.

Your time is precious. That is why Vision 42 aims to reduce your workload through a simple, usable interface requiring less clicks and by employing smart algorithms. We are always investing in promising technologies, resulting in Deep Thought, our artificial intelligence alerting currently in beta.

Don't take our word for it.

Satellite view

Zoom in & out to select correct region

Quick view

Select a sensor and get a quick view

Sensor detail

Check all geotechnical data

Define period

Past hour or complete history? You choose.

Did you know?

Vision 42 is a popular choice when it comes to geotechnical and structural monitoring. Check out our showcase to see some huge infrastructural projects we are currently monitoring.

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