Monitored by Vision 42 ®

Keeping the Kennedy tunnel safe: pile driving tests for the Scheldt bridge

2023 - 2024

In preparation for the construction of the new pedestrian and cyclist bridge "Scheldebrug," thorough pile driving tests were performed on behalf of the Flemish Government and the city of Antwerp. The trial was conducted to ensure the stability of the Kennedy tunnel during the construction of the new bridge, and to determine the carrying capacity of the pile. Vision 42 was used as integration platform to combine the various sensor data of this complex project.

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Constructing the Oosterweel link

2016 - present

The R1 ring road around Antwerp will finally be closed by this €3.25 billion project. The purposes of this infrastructural project are: fewer traffic congestion, fewer accidents and an improved quality of life in the Antwerp region of Belgium.

Simulation of the Oosterweel junction
Simulation of the Canal tunnels entrance

The prestigious sea lock at IJmuiden

2016 - 2022

In the watery middle of a busy lock complex, a new lock is being constructed to reach improved, 24/7 access to the port of Amsterdam. This sea lock, located at IJmuiden in The Netherlands, will cost approximately €1 billion, including maintenance for 26 years. On completion, it will become the largest lock in the world.

Our partner, Iv-Groep, uses the Vision 42 app to continuously monitor the construction work and the stability of the environment. Even the evacuation sirens have been automated by our software. In order to satisfy the extreme alerting requirements, we had to develop a custom expert system. This expert system was the precursor to Deep Thought, our artificial intelligence anomaly detector, which is currently in beta.

Cloudburst tunnels under Copenhagen

2019 - present

In the Danish capital, three tunnel segments measuring 3 kilometers in length are under construction with a tunnel boring machine. The buildings along the Strandboulevarden and the Gammel Kalkbrænderi Vej are being monitored closely using the Vision 42 application, taking the machine's location into account. The purpose of these tunnels is to drain large quantities of rainfall. The cost associated with this project is DKK 620 million.

Her anlægges Skybrudstunnelen

Scaling up to country-size

2015 - present

The Flemish government partnered with Vision 42 to manage all of their geotechnical data. This level of operation required enterprise integrations, like identity and access management. Our powerful REST application interface is being used to serve geotechnical data on-the-fly to the broad public, through popular web applications like Database Underground Flanders. Their customized version of the Vision 42 app is called Gismo and contains 650 projects and 100.000 sensor time series scattered across Flanders.

Size matters: the Kieldrecht lock

2015 - present

With its 500 meter length and its 68 meter width, the Kieldrecht lock is currently the largest lock in the world. It provides passage to the left-bank docks of the port of Antwerp in Belgium.

The spectacular key figures of the Kieldrecht lock

Five clicks of tunnel boring

2018 - present

At a pace of 15 meters a day, a tunnel boring machine has constructed two parallel tunnel tubes of 2.5 kilometer in length. This tunnel is a part of the larger Rijnlandroute project in The Netherlands, with a cost of about €1 billion.

Renovation of the Vandamme sea lock

2014 - present

This €120 million project relies on Vision 42 for its sensor monitoring. In the picture below, the lifting of a 2.000+ metric ton door can be seen. The Pierre Vandamme lock is one of two sea locks providing access to the inner harbor of the port of Zeebrugge in Belgium.