Experience the Vision 42 ® difference – a Software-as-a-Service pricing model rooted in convenience and value.

Our yearly subscription, billed monthly, grants you comprehensive access to the application, accompanied by a suite of all-inclusive features, regular upgrades, expert support, and a complete IT ecosystem. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Simplicity Meets Precision: Unveiling Our Pricing Logic

At Vision 42, we embrace simplicity. Our pricing philosophy revolves around a single, crystal-clear metric: the number of values stored in your database. Imagine managing 15 sensors, each generating data every half hour. Over a year, this accumulates to 15 × 2 × 24 × 365 = 262.800 values in total. This foundational principle lies at the core of our pricing structure, accurately reflecting your real data utilization. Notably, we believe in equality in app access – there are no tiers dictating functionality. Every user enjoys the complete range of capabilities, ensuring your projects benefit from the app's full potential.

Seamless Value Estimation: Try Our Slider Calculator

Need help matching estimating your budget to your data needs? Explore our slider calculator, designed to effortlessly align your monthly budget with the corresponding number of values. It's a straightforward way to ensure you're making an informed decision and please note that your monthly budget is fixed for the next 12 months, allowing for flexible upgrades while maintaining stability.

Unleash Your Data Potential: Adaptable Pricing

Starting from an accessible €19 per month, you're in command of your budget. With each additional euro invested, your capacity to persist values within our secure database expands. Take, for instance, a budget of €149 per month, which grants you a capacity to persist 1 million values. Add a mere 50 and the capacity doubles to 2 million values, showcasing our progressive value approach.

Exceptional Support: Tailored to Your Tier

With Vision 42, support is as extraordinary as your projects. Once your monthly budget surpasses 200, a world of unrivaled assistance opens. Your subscription includes monthly service staff minutes, equivalent to 10% of your monthly subscription cost. For example, a 200 plan gives you 20 minutes of dedicated support – swift resolutions to your queries. Beyond this threshold, standard rates apply.

Unveiling Transparency: Invoices and Insights

Your convenience is paramount to us. Our invoices deliver a meticulous breakdown per project, streamlining the process of passing charges to your clients. Sent via email, these invoices are payable in Euro through wire transfer (IBAN), ensuring a seamless experience.

Navigating Your Data Journey: The Graceful Augmentation

At Vision 42, we understand that data needs can fluctuate. If your stored values surpass your budget, rest assured – our system offers a generous one-month grace period, allowing you to take the helm. During this time, you have the autonomy to manage your data usage, employ strategies such as fine-tuning sensor frequencies or decluttering obsolete data – actions that can influence your pricing strategy or contact us to set a new level.

Post this grace period, graceful augmentation takes the reins, smoothly adjusting your budget for the next 12 months. If your data usage extends beyond your selected budget – let's say you budgetted 49 with an allowance for about 100K values, you exceed that limit by 25.000 values, our system proactively adapts. As per the example, instead of just raising the price by the exact value of the overage (166), we apply a 10% buffer, provisioning 183 for the subsequent 12 months but also raising the values allowed to just above 1.5 million. This thoughtful approach ensures transparency and flexibility, allowing you to navigate your data journey with confidence.

[important] Capacity exceeded

Dear valued customer,

There are now X million values in your database, exceeding the Y million values of your budget. Please consider these resolutions:

Best regards,
The Vision 42 team

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Curious about the formula behind that calculator? Well, here it is:

\text{\euro} 149 \times \# Mvalues ^ {.49386}
Yes, we're nerds.