The Vision 42 ® app is software-as-a-service. Pricing comes as a monthly subscription. Included in the price are the application, all features, all upgrades, expert support, and all the surrounding IT stuff. See the cloud page for our top-notch services. This subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Our price model is fully transparent and based on a single metric: the number of values in your database. For instance, say you have 15 sensors measuring pressure every half hour. After a year, the number of values stored in the database will be 15 × 2 × 24 × 365 = 262.800 values in total.

By configuring your sensor frequencies, or removing old data, you can steer your price. Try this handy calculator:

Prices start at €19. Included are monthly service staff minutes, up to 20% of your price level. Currently, we recommend against crossing the five billion values barrier. While the app will work just fine, database backups, restores, or rebuilds will become time consuming.

A breakdown per project is included on the invoice, in case you want to charge your customers. Invoices will be sent through email and have to be paid in Euro by wire transfer (IBAN).

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Curious about the formula behind that calculator? Well, here it is:

\text{\euro} 99 \times \# Mvalues ^ {.56776}
Yes, we're nerds.