Advanced integration of The Things Network

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

― Wayne Dyer

Integration with The Things Network (TTN) is here and it is near automatic. Point to your sensors in TTN and Vision 42 ® will handle the rest.

Aggregating IoT data with your other data streams was never easier!

More info in the manual.

Seismic data through FDSN

Mountains do not rise without earthquakes.

Katherine MacKenett

As of September 2020 Vision 42 supports seismic data import. Use the ubiquitous FDSN protocol to import relevant seismic events in your environment.

Experience it yourself in our live demo.

Powerful filtering

Quickly find the information you need:

  • zoom on the map

  • select the relevant project

  • refine by instrument type

Tools for depth-instruments (inclinometers, SAA,...)

  • See the relative deviations compared to a specific time-point dynamically, right there from the app!

  • go from time view to depth view in a flash

  • See what happened in an instant!

Fast - faster - fastest

  • Having millions of datapoints to consolidate, you want a tool to respond and show you what you need to know, now!

Web native (which means "works with any good browser" )

  • Progressive web app, optimised for computers, tablets and smartphones.

  • Can be installed as an app on mobile devices!

  • So you can use what you have on hand to make the right decision.

GIS-like features

  • WMS integration - public or privately hosted WMS servers can be easily integrated

  • Import data in your local coordinate system, just add your PROJ-4 definition

  • KML-integration (professional service)

You control who sees what!

  • Organization hierarchy to manage your users

  • Give view access to clients for specific projects

Plays nice with password managers

Type in your password only once, on trusted devices.

Automation out-of-the-box

Continuous import = rely on up-to-date information

  • Vision 42 imports project data continuously from files or directories

  • Supports SFTP, FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, MQTT, and MQTTS locations.

Your own (S)FTP-server included in the subscription

  • Includes built-in SFTP and FTP servers

  • so you can get going without the need for your own IT-infrastructure

Continuous export

  • Vision 42 exports project data continuously to multiple SFTP, FTP, and FTPS locations.

  • Because we believe it's your data.

Designed with/for field service engineers - so you lose less time outside!

Input forms that work for you!

Insert data with the least amount of taps, because doing readouts in the cold and the rain should take as little time as possible.

Augmented reality integration on mobile

Locate your instruments from the road, so everybody in the organisation knows where to find the installed sensors!

and more ...

Artificial intelligence

Deep Learning


Alarm levels reached, or just instruments failing to transmit... see the context in a blink of an eye

Virtual variables

Download possibilities

Easy pricing

No complex combination of rules and prices.

Monthly reporting guarantees complete transparency and predictability on cost.

Per project cost reporting so you can do activity based costing

And more....

Your environment can be branded, with your logo and color scheme.

Tunnel boring machines

Augmented reality

Enterprise features

Identity and access management

The authentication and authorization mechanisms of Vision 42 can be replaced by an OAuth2 integration with an external identity and access management (IAM) system. This may be your own IAM-platform or that of a third party like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and countless others. User properties and even roles can be synchronized. (professional service not included in monthly subscription)

Powerful REST API

External applications can be linked with your Vision 42 database through the REST application programming interface (API). This interface unlocks all relevant information over a secure channel. Open standards like GeoJSON, CSV, ISO 8601, and JSON are being used exclusively. See the interactive documentation for details.

Better safe than sorry!

Need to try out something? Make use of your very own quality assurance (QA) environment and safeguard your production environment without losing flexibility.