Alarms can be triggered by specific events or combinations.

User hierarchy

A clear hierarchy can be created, as well on project (end customer) level as users ...


Optimised for computers, tablets and smartphones, the dashboard allows smooth navigation throughout the application.

Ease of use

The interface is very intuitive. No way of loosing a clear overview in the application.

Fast - faster - fastest

Although you have millions of datalines to consolidate, you still want a tool to give you a visualisation very fast.

Optimised for mobile

The screens need to be responsive so you can concult the screens on smartphones and tablets.


You want a tool also to perform a specific alerting action when something happens in the field.

Easy licensing

No complex combination of rules and prices. Monthly reporting guarantees complete transparency and predictablity on cost.

Artificial intelligence

Deep Learning

and more ...

  • Virtual variables
  • Displacement graphs
  • SAA
  • Burst data
  • Histogram
  • XY graphs
  • Plots
  • Overlays
  • Reports
  • E-mail alerting
  • Download possibilities
  • Import
  • Export
  • Customisations
  • File converters
  • Responsive

Live data

Business today is fast and needs live information. Your app automatically updates itself, when data changes in the background. Say goodbye to reload buttons and reports that lag behind.

Tailored to your processes

A good app supports your processes, a great app does the work for you. That's why we custom-build them to perfection.

Your app in the cloud

Accessible everywhere, on every device, guaranteed hassle-free. Transcend the limits of your spreadsheets. Enjoy the freedom of mobile working.

Tuned for productivity

Your time is precious. Get your work done, with less clicks and swift interaction. We make apps that don't annoy.

Geotechnical and structural monitoring

Tunnel boring machines.

Many files formats.

Enterprise features

Identity and access management through OAuth2.

Synchronization of user properties and even roles - requires some professional services.

Powerful REST API to link other applications to your database.